Alexandre De Pablo

Freelance Ruby Developer

Passionate developer working for individuals, responsible startups and communities.


I started my professional career as a backend software engineer after graduation. I develop in Ruby for years now and after years of experience I'm really confortable with Rails APIs and efficient development methods (TDD, pair programming). I also have a strong experience with frontend development within Rails or through Vue.js solutions, as well as with Ansible for infrastructure management.

Today, I offer a robust backend expertise in Ruby with a good knowledge of all aspects of a web application. I mostly work with Rails but I'm also into lighter alternatives like Cuba, Trailblazer framework to organise business logic, Sequel for interacting with databases. I'm also particularly curious about Elixir and Crystal and those are languages I would like to try.

Professional experiences as freelancer

For the last three years, I have been working for the French Public Services by developing open-source government solutions around french registered companies' data:

  • a public index of all french companies built with a Vue.js app connected to various Ruby on Rails APIs serving several administrations' data:
  • a product designed for administrations to share data among themselves in order to reduce the administrative cost and burden of businesses fulfilling their legal obligations. The idea has been taken up at the European level. The product is a Ruby on Rails proxy connected to different administrations APIs, a secured access point with a standardized REST input, and a JSON output:

I have been actively designing, developing and maintaining those products in a team of three developers. As a Senior Ruby / Ruby on Rails developer with expertise on the backend development, I acquired DevOps and frontend development skills:

  • single page applications with Vue.js (link to dashboard and
  • Linux infrastructure management using Ansible: monitoring (munin), log management with ELK, background jobs with Sidekiq, Nginx configuration (SSL, rate-limiting), PUB/SUB through Redis, databases (PG, SOLR, ELK)

As we are a small team I also take part in end-user support and documentation as well as technical support for administrations willing to set up APIs to serve their data.